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10 Steps to Organized Caregiving

A Guide to Steer You Through Everything You Didn’t Know You Needed to Know About Caregiving

Introduction to the Fundamentals of Caregiving

Wouldn’t it be great to be organized and ready to care for your loved one before a catastrophe, big or small? Because odds are you will have to care for someone at some point in your life.

Imagine this situation: You receive a phone call from your mother’s neighbor informing you that your mom has fallen in her yard and the ambulance is on the way. Your mother is 82, active in the community, and has been taking care of her own needs. The last thing on your mind was how to handle her care should something catastrophic happen.

But wait! What if you were ready? What if she had her emergency information by the front door for emergency personnel? When she reached the ER, they would know to call you immediately and they would have all her medical and advanced directive information at their fingertips.

What about this situation? You are the primary caregiver for your spouse who has advanced Alzheimer’s. While you are running your errands, leaving him in the very capable hands of a paid caregiver, you pass away in the grocery store parking lot. If you have all your information organized, including who to call, your family and support system can be mobilized quickly. This situation is based on a true story that happened to one of my clients’ while we were caring for his wife.

Another common situation I’ve seen time and time again is children visiting parents during the holidays and realizing they are no longer capable of living safely in their own home. They are not taking their medications correctly, are underweight, and are forgetting important dates. You make the tough decision that it is time to move in with them. Do you fly by the seat of your pants? Or do you put a plan in place that will make your job of caring for them easier?

This book is the result of witnessing many families in these exact same situations. As an experienced healthcare professional, I was able to advocate effectively for my mother when the time came, but most families have no idea how to navigate the healthcare system. My goal is simple: keep people safely at home for as long as possible while providing support and resources to caregivers.

This workbook will help you work through all the intricate aspects of being a caregiver – many that you are probably not aware of – including the cost and toll it will take on your life.

What’s Included

“10 Steps to Organized Caregiving” guides you through creating a custom-built comprehensive plan of care. It includes worksheets for the following categories:

Emergency Information







Support System

Activity Ideas

Activities of Daily Living

Book Reviews

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“This book is awesome! What a total blessing to anyone who reads it! It’s an excellent, practical manual for individuals involved with caretaking. It is specific, thought-provoking, extremely compassionate, and so helpful to anyone participating in taking care of another person. It offers accessible information, gives outstanding guidance, and has a wealth of practical advice for the caregiver helping out their loved ones. The PDF form is genius, and I can hardly wait to fill it out, not only for my loved one (mother), but myself as well ! Highly recommended!!! This is one of the most important books you can read!!!”

— Mary Wilkes, Family Caregiver

“This is an excellent book and a wonderful resource for everyone dealing with caregiving issues. The more we have done in advance makes the “crisis” so much more manageable. I strongly recommend this book for everyone BEFORE they need it. Get organized, be ready, then handle issues as they arise.”

— Kathy Johanns, Geriatric Care Manager

“Samantha’s book and accompanying pdf are comprehensive. She breaks down into bite size pieces what is typically an overwhelming task. This is so helpful!”

— Carol Bertsch, Certified Elder Law Attorney

“Samantha has provided a very useful tool for a difficult time in a manner that is both straight forward and engaging. I have read many books on the topic of caregiving, and this one easily provides the most complete and simple manner of preparing to share the journey of aging.”

— Joyce Lauck, Retired Executive Director of AGE of Central Texas

Tips for how to get the most out of this book and accompanying PDF

Now that you’ve started your journey towards an organized caregiving your next step is to download the PDF by clicking on the Download the 10 Steps PDF button.

As you read the book and fill out the PDF here are a few simple ideas to help you from becoming overwhelmed.

  • Set a clear goal: Determine what you want to achieve by reading this book. Having a specific goal in mind will give you direction and motivation.
  • Schedule reading time: Set aside a regular time to read this book. It could be daily or a few times a week. Consistency will help you make progress.
  • Break it down: Instead of trying to tackle the entire book at once, break it down into smaller, manageable sections.
  • Take notes: While reading, take notes in the section provided at the end of each chapter or use sticky notes or my favorite, a simple highlighter.
  • Seek clarification: If you come across something you don’t understand or need further clarification, don’t hesitate to seek help.

We are always available for a coaching session. You can also refer to online forums, discussion groups, or social media groups.

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